Moshark Planets is one of Ghana’s most successful fleet management solutions company and our main aim is providing solutions to all forms vehicle security related problems. With proven Technology in Vehicle tracking and Fleet Management Systems, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient and sophisticated equipment available in our line of business.


With the use of our highly protected but easy to manage gps platform server, we are able to locate your vehicle position, speed, status, geo-fencing, & route history, etc to a great level of accuracy.


Individuals and Organizations have had problems with managing their Vehicle(s), which is either entrusted into the hands of drivers or care takers who cannot be trusted and therefore mismanaging the Vehicles. With the aid of the Satellite, the GPS/GSM Tracking Device in the vehicle and our 24/7 dedicated control room/support, we are able to monitor and give real time information on any vehicle on our platform.


Latest android version among the market


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